What is Think Tank?

We are glad to present you the Policy Papers produced by the Think Tank of the Hellenic Alumni Association of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Enriching further the activities of the Association and with the aim to assist the LSE Alumni in participating to the public debate in our country, in 2013 we created the Think Tank.

The main purpose of the Think Tank is to promote the rich brainpower of the LSE graduates coming from different fields of expertise. The members of the Think Tank, through networking and cooperation between them, produce the Policy Papers which present specific proposals on issues that affect Greece on domestic and international level. Those proposals constitute the result of creative thinking, innovative and pioneering views which aim to establish ideas and frameworks and mobilize the state as well as institutional representatives by providing solutions. The covered topics of the Think Tank are: Economy and Growth, Politics and Society, Media Communications and Technology and History and International Relations.